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Welcome to Filtration Station USA!  We are here to we help you make your water the best it can be and congratulations on taking the first step towards fixing your water problems. 

A little known fact is that the water coming into your house today is the best that it is going to be in your lifetime unless you take a proactive approach to protecting your self, your family and the investment you have made in your home and business! 

While water treatment utilities do a great job delivering FDA and EPA regulated water to millions of homes everyday they do so by adding chemicals to the water that are absorbed into your body every time you wash your hands, take a shower or bath or even have a drink.  Chemicals like chlorine and chloramine which are used to disinfect the water and keep it bacteriological safe while the water is transported through the underground pipes to your home.  According to federal guidelines, water utility providers must meet certain residual levels of chlorine and chloramine at the farthest point in the distribution chain and because chorine and chloramine dissipates over time, oxidizes metals and kills bacteria along the way customers that are closer to the distribution point have higher levels of chemicals in their water than those living at the end of the chain. 

Water utilities, in general, do not do anything to lower the hardness level of the water that is pumped into your homes and that is why in areas with high levels of hardness we find issues with calcium and magnesium build up in pipes, in water fixtures such as your faucets and in the hot water heater.  Issues with hard water and the problems associated with it cost consumers millions of dollars every year in repair cost, time and effort in dealing with the effects of hard water.  If you ever have to do a complete plumbing reroute because your pipes are clogged with hardness buildup you will wish you had a water softener system installed at a fraction of the cost of the reroute.

Problems more often found in well water applications but that can still be found in water utilities are problems coming from iron and hydrogen sulfide that is dissolved in the water supply.  if you have ever had a red stains in your sinks, bathtubs or washing machine you know what a problem that can be.  And that rotten egg smell coming out of your pipes is hydrogen sulfide and who wants to smell worse after a shower than before because of what's in the water.

It doesn't matter if it is a water softener system, a whole house water treatment systems or a reverse osmosis drinking water system.  The good news is that you're just a phone call away from having your water quality issues taken care of! Call us at Filtration Station USA, we'll make your water better! 

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